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1. I am a small employer, how do I know if I qualify for group medical insurance? In Oregon, a small employer is eligible to apply for group health insurance if they have at least two employees on payroll (counting the owner) working at least 17.5 hours per week. If only one of the employees works full-time, then it is possible to get a group plan to cover only the one eligible employee as long as you maintain 2 employees on payroll working the minimum of 17.5 hours.2. Do I have to offer insurance to all of my employees or can I offer it just to management? You must offer coverage to all eligible employees and cannot discriminate against any class of employees, such as purchasing benefits for only management, office staff.3. How much of the premium am I required to sponsor for my employees group coverage?As an employer you are obligated to pay a minimum of 50% of the cost of coverage for an employee and may contribute more than that to employee or dependent coverage.4. What if I only pay 50% of the premium and employees can’t afford their portion or don’t want to participate?Carriers have minimum participation requirements for small groups and they range from 75% to 100% of eligible employees being required to participate in your health plan. Most carriers do not count employees who are covered by other qualified group health, Medicare, Champus, VA, Oregon Health Plan or Indian Services as counting against participation requirements.5. Will I have to pay more if I have any unhealthy employees?Small group health insurance premiums in Oregon are based on industry type and average enrolling employee age and carriers cannot take health of employees into consideration when rating.