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Landslide Insurance

The geology of the Pacific Northwest is such that landslides are part of the geologic process in the area and region. Home insurance policies do not cover damage from landslides. In a landslide, the earth crumbles, falling on your home or causing your home to fall.

The three factors that determine an incidence are:

• Slope steepness

• Soil strength

• Moisture content of the soil

A good indicator of your need for landslide insurance is if your home is situated at a location with steep slopes. If this is the case than having landslide insurance might be your only chance of recovery against the uncertainty of damage or destruction as a result of a landslide.

1. What is the insurance definition of landslide?

A common definition for landslide found on policies is that landslide means the natural and sudden fall, slipping or displacement of earth or rock, including mudflow and land collapse other than that arising out of Earthquake shock.

2. How does the deductible work for landslide insurance?

The deductible for landslide insurance policy works as percentage rather than a dollar amount. For example, rebuilding your home after a landslide you would be responsible for 5% of the insurance replacement cost of your home. If the insurance replacement cost of your home was $355,000 this would equate to $17,750.