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Company History

During the height of the depression in 1933, Leonard Adams opened a small insurance agency in Beaverton, Oregon. The agency prospered by taking a determined and conscientious approach to solving insurance problems and by dedicating itself to serving the entire community. The passage of Oregon’s first Financial Responsibility Law in 1945 fueled the large-scale development of the firm. By 1948, the firm consisted of two principals, Leonard Adams and Bill Dresser, and a staff of two full time clerical employees.


The Oregon Automobile Company and the Loyalty Group (Continental Companies) were the key markets and while the firm focused on personal automobile insurance and fire insurance, commercial accounts such as the Beaverton School District, the City of Beaverton and Lehman Truck lines formed the core of a commercial department that today excels in handling a wide variety of commercial exposures.


The agency grew to a total of $458,000 in premium volume by the end of 1961 with a total staff of seven. In 1961 the company was incorporated as Leonard Adams Insurance, Inc. and moved into it new headquarters on Canyon Road.


Brian Dooney, the current CEO, joined the firm in 1965. By the end of 1967, the firm hit the $1,000,000 premium mark and had grown to a total of 11 employees including 5 producers. The rapid growth of the firm was fueled in part by the growth of Washington county and in part by the implementation of internal controls and modern operating systems designed to provide better service to customers than nationally based competitors. During this period of time national insurance brokerage houses were acquiring larger local insurance agencies in Oregon and Leonard Adams Insurance was pursued by more than its share of suitors looking for a profitable union.


Leonard Adams Insurance believed then and believes now that a locally based insurance broker using the latest in management techniques and offering solid professional and technical skills can provide a more personal and more effective relationship with clients than a larger conglomerate. As a result, suitors have been firmly, but graciously, rejected.


As the firm’s clients grew and prospered, fueling the growth of Washington County, the firm grew as well, and evolved to better serve the needs of the Northwest Community. By 1978 the firm was the top ranking independent insurance broker in Oregon with 25 employees and over $6 million in premium volume.


Today the firm consists of 27 dedicated insurance professionals committed to that same conscientious approach to solving insurance problems and serving the firm that has the community so well since 1933.


The future of Leonard Adams Insurance depends on the firm’s ability to continue its focus on the needs of its customer base and its ability to satisfy those needs by recruiting quality personnel and adapting to the ever-changing insurance market place.


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